wagon: Palabra del día: March 27, 2019

wagon , n :
A four-wheeled cart for hauling loads. A four-wheeled child's riding toy, pulled or steered by a long handle attached to the front. An enclosed vehicle for carrying goods or people; (by extension) a lorry, a truck. An enclosed vehicle used as a movable dwelling; a caravan. Short for dinner wagon (“set of light shelves mounted on castors so that it can be pushed around a dining room and used for serving”). (slang) Short for paddy wagon (“police van for transporting prisoners”). (rail transport) A freight car on a railway. (chiefly Australia, US, slang) Short for station wagon (“type of car in which the roof extends rearward to produce an enclosed area in the position of and serving the function of the boot (trunk)”); (by extension) a sport utility vehicle (SUV); any car. (Ireland, slang, derogatory, dated) A woman of loose morals, a promiscuous woman, a slapper; (by extension) a woman regarded as obnoxious; a bitch, a cow.

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